Sacred city of Caral

  • 2 Days 1 Night
  • Max People : 6
  • Jan 21’ - Dec 21'
  • Min Age : 12+
  • Pickup: Lima
Represents the oldest civilization in America, developed almost simultaneously with those of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China.

The 5000-year-old 626-hectare archaeological site of The Sacred City of Caral-Supe is situated on a dry desert terrace overlooking the green valley of the Supe river.

It is the oldest known civilization in America. This Norte Chico society emerged just a millennium after that of Sumer, was contemporary with the pyramids of ancient Egypt and preceded that of the Olmecs by almost two millennials.

Welcome to Caral, Sipe and Aspero Valley, we can visit in one or two days.


06.15 HsLIMA

Pick up passengers from the hotel.


Departure to the Archaeological Centers Áspero and Caral. Specialized information and guide during the tour.


The population congregated in participated in the information process of the first Andean civilization. Through the extraction of marine resources, especially fish, in exchange with the valleys of the interior, obtained in particular the cotton fiber, necessary for the manufacture of fishing nets and lines.


Caral is located in the left margin of the lower half valley of Supe, to 26 k.m. of the coast and 350 m.s.n.m .; it occupies 66 hectares. It comprises a nuclear zone with 32 public structures and several residential complexes, and an area on the periphery, which borders the valley where several housing complexes were built. In the nuclear space of the Sacred City of Caral are the public and domestic buildings of greater status, distributed in two large halves: Caral alto, in the north side and Caral bajo, in the south. In the city of Caral several religious festivities were celebrated, in which were realized architectural remodels, fairs and ritual ceremonies.




1 DAY: LIMA - CARAL - (379 Km / 235 miles)

We will take the Panamerican Highway in direction to Trujillo to the North of Lima, through « el Cono Norte » a town from the Capital City that in the last 16 years has developed itself with informal work and has become now a very important economical center where almost 3 million people live. We will leave the large urban cities and continue through Chancay and Barranca where we will have lunch facing the beach.

In the afternoon we will visit the city of Caral: located near the riverside of Supe, it is a sacred city dated from the year 3000 to 1500 B.C. With 32 archeological complexes, Caral was developed at the same time that the civilizations of Mesopotamia, India, Egypt and China.

DAY 2:CARAL - SECHIN (268 Km / 166 Miles)

7.30 Hs.  We will continue towards Huarmey through the fertile valley of the river Fortaleza with its sugar cane plantations and also visit the Paramonga Fortress where we will find a pyramid, last vestige of the Chimu culture

9.30 Hs.   We will take the road that goes back to Casma so we could visit towards the Max Uhli Regional Museum and the Sechin Temple.


-MAX UHLI REGIONAL MUSEUM: This museum exhibits part of the archaeological remains found in the excavations of Sechin.

-TEMPLE OF SECHIN: This is a complex of ceremonial character and one of the most important archaeological monuments of the country, it is composed of 5 buildings, a lithic gallery and a semi – sunken plaza. On the wall of one of the stone buildings, the famous warriors of Sechin are carved.

15:20 Hs. We will head towards the Chankillo Fortress. It is only 15 k.m. southeast of Casma. Conformed by 03 ovoid and concentric walls, with strategic accesses that lead to thick-roofed corridors based on locust beams, the same ones that support the weight of the wall that runs over them. Below the fortress, towards the East we can find the Candelario Solar de Chankillo, the oldest in America. From that point you can appreciate a spectacular view of the sunset or sunrise.

17.00 Hs. Trip back to Lima.

20:00 Hs. Arrival in Lima. The end of the trip.

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