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Travel is under the guidelines of the Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

Our extensive network of established, reliable partners, and highly qualified guides, makes any trip with South American Destination an adventure of a lifetime.

Leticia Gonzalez Mantilla

CEO & Founder

Archaeologist, specialist in tourism development, marketing, promotion and sales.
With 25 years experience at the public and private industry.

Elizabeth Pachamango

Trip planner

With more than 15 years working in the tourism sector, experience in customer service in travel agencies, organization of tour operator circuits, quotes and analysis of tourism products.

Silvia Dextre

MICE & Cruise operations

With more than 25 years in Tourism Business, she has managed important Inbound companies leading the M.I.C.E. sector as well as the luxury tourism, among others, developing exclusive programs in exotic destinations and becoming one of the best cruise operators in South America.

Jesus Quillahuaman

Collaborator with sustainable tourism communities

Currently a farmer, he performs potato and chuño harvest functions in times of rain.

Craftsman from birth with production of percussion musical instruments.

President of the association of artisans of the district of Chinchero in Cusco, fulfills the function of coordinating activities such as meetings.

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