We guarantee our compliance with the key principles of sustainable tourism and social responsibility.

Respect for DDHH

We encourage respect for human rights, and we reject any type of discrimination due to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, religion, ideology, age, or physical disability or difference. In addition, we reject the sexual abuse of children in Peru and around the world, particular in relation to travel or tourism, and we denounce and condemn such practices, as well as any type of forced labor and exploitation of children or adults.

Labor conditions

The contractual relationship between our firm and our partners is carried out on a legal and ethical basis, and respecting the responsibilities and rights of all parties. We work to ensure the security of all our business partners, by paying them fair wages, and through our efforts to protect their health and general wellbeing.

Fair Trade

We promote fair trade, and we ensure that our transactions with our providers are fair and open, by respecting greed-upon payment schedules and cancelation policies.

Committed to the local culture

We work to protect traditional cultural identity and values, and we promote respect for the culture of the local communities’ surrounding sacred Mount Ausangate. We also incorporate the ancestral traditional knowledge of those communities into our operational procedures.
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