Update December 15th 2021

South American Destination’s Protocols

At Southamericandestination, we are aware of the challenging situation our world is facing due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

It is our mission to ensure that you not only have an unforgettable journey with us but also that you can feel safe during your travels. That is why we have put together a list of biosafety protocols to make the health and safety of our travelers our top priority.

Traveler Requirements

    • Be sure to check the Corona updates for your country  to take note of the latest requirements and restrictions for our destinations throughout South America.
    • Travelers must show a proof of complete vaccination upon arrival. The last doses must have been received at least 14 days before boarding the plane to Lima. – Travelers without a complete vaccination scheme must present a negative PCR-test result issued no more than 72 hours before boarding. 
    • Children under the age of 12 are only required to be symptom-free for boarding the plane to Lima.
    • Travelers are required to fill in an online sworn health declaration before entry to the plane will be granted. 
    • It is not required to have travel insurance to enter Peru, however, we strongly recommend purchasing adequate travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage before arriving in South America.

    Travel documents will be sent electronically to our travelers to avoid physical contact travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage before arriving in South America. While authorities in Peru do not require it, it is a compulsory prerequisite to enter CHILE (minimum coverage of USD 30,000 per traveler).

IMPORTANT: All the abovementioned measures are subject to changes as the Peruvian government issues new guidelines periodically. 


Airport Pick-ups & Drop-offs / guest Contact


  • Only passengers disembarking or boarding aircraft will be allowed within any airport in Peru.
  • When arriving, your assigned guide or driver will be waiting for you at the parking area, right outside the international or domestic arrival gates depending on your origin. They will have a sign with your name on it. 
  • When departing, your assigned guide or driver will drop you off and lead you towards the check-in gate but will not be able to enter the airport. 
  • Check-in must be done online as the counter at the airport is for baggage handling only.
  • For international flights, you must be at the airport at least 3 hours prior to the departure and 2 hours prior for domestic flights.
  • For any interprovincial transportation trip a printed version of the following health declaration affidavit must be submitted:
    General Form (Spanish)
    Children under 14 years old (Spanish)
    Over 65 years old (Spanish)
  • Travelers over the age of 45 years can only board interprovincial land transportation if they can present proof of complete vaccination.
  • The use of a face mask is mandatory in public spaces throughout all of our destinations. You may make use of either a double mask or a single KN-95 mask in closed places, such as airports, shopping centers, banks, supermarkets, among others. Aboard the train as well as the bus to Machu Picchu, a face shield, in addition to a face mask/s, is mandatory.
    • For flights in Peru, it is mandatory to wear 2 surgical masks for the duration of the flight.
    • The vehicles’ capacity is to be reduced, allowing a one-meter distance between passengers.
    • While being aboard vehicles during guided tours, your tour guide may be seated in the backseats behind you in order to keep a safe distance.
    • Temperature measurement and footwear disinfection may be necessary when entering or exiting some venues or destinations.
    • The curfew in your chosen destinations range from 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM, if you have transfers programmed during these schedules don’t worry, our transportation has the necessary paperwork done to transit without a problem. Also, your boarding passes, hotel or train reservations will allow for safe passage.
    • Constant sanitization aboard vehicles and within hotels and attractions has been ensured throughout your itinerary.
    • Our staff will be protected with the necessary PPE during all services and will keep sufficient physical distance during all services.
    • The visiting times and capacities for some sights are limited to avoid crowding.
    • From December 10th, it will be compulsory for everyone over the age of 18 years to present proof of complete vaccination to enter any closed public space.
    • Travelers with apparent Covid-19 symptoms must remain at their hotel and dial the emergency number 113 or send an email to infosalud@minsa.gob.pe. Responses may be in Spanish only, so we recommend that you contact our 24-hour emergency number  so that we can assist you.

    Despite this new and challenging era of international travel, we are committed to continuing to provide you with everlasting memories and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Rules and regulations for visiting Machu – Last updated on 16 Decembre  2021





  • Routes

    There are fixed routes through the facility with limited capacities to visit Machu Picchu. Below is an overview of the 4 official routes (also indicated on the map above):

    • Route 1 (upper short tour, red): This route leads from the entrance through the upper sector, over agricultural terraces, past the guard’s house, through the main entrance to the urban sector, to the sun temple, and from there over the water mirrors in the lower sector back to the exit.
    • Route 2 (upper long tour, dark blue): This is the most comprehensive route and is recommended for the most complete exploration of the citadel. The route leads from the entrance through the upper sector, over agricultural terraces, past the guard’s house, through the main entrance into the urban sector, to the temple of the sun. From there it continues over the temple square and the Intiwatana Pyramid in the upper sector to the sacred rock in the rearmost part of the citadel, and then through the lower sector past the condor temple to the exit.
    • Route 3 (lower short tour, yellow): This is the shortest of all routes and includes only a small, limited part of the citadel. The route leads over agricultural terraces directly into the lower sector, past the Temple of the Sun, to the house of the Inca, and from there over the water mirrors in the lower sector back to the exit. This route only requires you to navigate a few stairs and is particularly recommended for people with reduced mobility.
    • Route 4 (lower long tour, turquoise): This route also only includes the lower sector, but leads to the rear area of ​​the citadel. The route leads over agricultural terraces directly into the lower sector, past the Temple of the Sun, to the house of the Inca, and on to the sacred rock, and from there to the lower sector past the Condor Temple and back to the exit.

    Additional time restrictions apply to three popular attractions within the citadel:

    • Sun Temple: only 13:00-16:00 (#02 on the map, Routes 1,2,3,4)
    • Intiwatana Pyramid: only 07:00-10:00 (#07 on the map, Route 4)
    • Temple of the Condor: only 10:00-13:00 (#11 on the map, Routes 2,4)

    Visiting the Sun Gate and the Inca Bridge is currently not possible.

    There are also tickets that allow a visit to the surrounding mountain peaks, but in return only include a limited visit(route 3 or route 4) through the citadel.

    trash bin will be available for use in all vehicles to discard face masks or other similar disposables.

  • Wayna Picchu is one of the mountain peaks that surround Machu Picchu and probably the most famous as it towers over Machu Picchu in the background in many photos. The ascent takes place on a narrow and extremely steep path and takes around 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the pace. Once at the summit, a fantastic view of the whole of Machu Picchu and the surrounding mountains awaits.

    Since the path is very narrow and exposed in some places, we recommend this hike for experienced and sure-footed hikers. Sturdy shoes are highly recommended.

    Access is directly via Route 4 to the checkpoint near the Sacred Rock. With the ticket for the Wayna Picchu visitors may not take the long route 2 to the checkpoint. After the descent, follow Route 4 again to the exit

    Due to the duration of the hike, the maximum time limit of 4 hours for visiting Machu Picchu does not apply to this route.

    There are 4 time slots of 60 minutes each to choose from for admission to Wayna Picchu:

    6:00, 8:00, 10:00, 12:00 = maximum of 50 visitors for each time slot.

  • Huchuy Picchu is something like the little brother of Wayna Picchu, until 2020 this optional visit was included in the entrance fee for Wayna Picchu, but since 2021 there are separate tickets for this hike.

    Huchuy Picchu is right next to the checkpoint at the Sacred Rock and can be reached on a hike of around 15 minutes. Compared to the other options, this hike is significantly easier and shorter and therefore also possible for less experienced travelers.

    As with Wayna Picchu, access is directly via Route 4, and after the descent Machu Picchu must also be exited along this route.

    There are 9 time slots of 60 minutes each to choose from for admission to Huchuy Picchu:

    6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 = maximum of 22 visitors for each time slot

    Machu Picchu Mountain, which is also the Apu (sacred mountain) for the complex, is located south of the citadel, opposite Wayna Picchu. The hike partly leads through dense vegetation, but always rewards you with great views of Machu Picchu and the surrounding area.

    It takes about 90 minutes to get to the top of Machu Picchu Mountain, depending on your pace. The path leads over a lot of stairs, a good physical condition and sturdy shoes are highly recommended for this route.

    Due to the duration of the hike, the maximum time limit of 4 hours for visiting Machu Picchu does not apply to this route.

    Access to Machu Picchu Mountain is directly via the first part of Routes 1/2 to the control point. After the descent, however, it is not possible to continue along these routes and you have to leave Machu Picchu along the same path (as do the guests who reach Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail from the Sun Gate).

    Then you can enter the facility again with the Machu Picchu Mountain ticket to complete the short tour on Route 3.

    There are 2 time slots of 60 minutes each for admission to Machu Picchu Mountain:

    6:00, 8:00 = maximum 200 visitors for each time slot.

Hotels & Accommodation





The local governments throughout South America have implemented strict protocols to ensure the safety of all guests. 

South American Destination is only working with hotels that meet these protocols. The specific measures will vary according to the country, but the main guidelines are as follows:  

  • All of the hotel’s premises such as the lobby, common areas, kitchen, and guests’ rooms will be disinfected more frequently (including towels and bedding).
  • Hotels are required to improve food & beverage sanitation to reduce cross-contamination risk. Most hotels are offering alternatives to their buffet breakfast.
  • Medical monitoring and use of personal protection equipment (PPE) by all hotel staff are mandatory.
  • Each property has its own protocols such as check-in forms or symptom forms to be filled out and sent electronically to the hotel before check-in to ensure a paperless transaction








SouthAmerican Destination is only working with restaurants that align with international quality standards and meet the safety requirements set by their governments. The specific regulations vary according to the location, but the main guidelines are as follows:

  • All products and ingredients must be disinfected before use.
  • Staff who are directly involved with food preparation must be tested for COVID-19 periodically.
  • Restaurants have a reduced capacity according of the tier system in each region.
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